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If we had to chronicle the major events of our high-school experience, ‘The Thing night' would surely figure quite up in the list. A typical The Thing night is everything that defines high school, packed into a single night. There are the cliques, the silent crushes, the public display of affection, and just all that high school is made up of. That explains why there have been so many movies based on this single event, most of them being well-received by the audiences.

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‘The Thing' is another such movie, which makes no claims of being different, but rather assures you of the teen drama you so love, being brought to you once again, in a brand-new package. The movie starts off a few weeks prior to the D-day, chronicling all the anticipation leading up to the grand event.

As you watch The Thing movie, you'll find yourself revisiting the good old days of high school, as you see the relatable characters sharing their tales with you, making you feel as though you are the most popular student at high school, who knows what's going on in the life of every student.


The Thing Movie Story Line:-The Thing is a science fiction story that would surely give you the shivers. The movie is thematically inspired by the famous novella, ‘Who Goes There?’, written by John W. Campbell Jr. While the 1982 version of the story focussed on the discovery of an alien pilot, this flick is a prequel to it. It narrates events three days prior to the discovery of that dreaded creature, which has the super natural ability to assume the shape and features of the person that it has just devoured. In the movie, a Norwegian crew stumbles upon the ruins of a space ship, frozen in Antarctica. Kate Lloyd, a central figure in the scheme of the movie, joins the Norwegian team, as they try to revive the body of the pilot of the spaceship. The creature’s body is preserved, as it has been frozen in ice. And while the scientists assume that the ‘thing’ would have been long dead, they are soon proved wrong. An experimental attempt at thawing the ice, to recover the body, brings the alien back to life. The crew have unwittingly given birth to their very own Frankenstein’s monster and have to make all-out efforts to prevent it from harming them as well as the entire human race. You can watch The Thing online to see this dreaded creature that feeds upon people and becomes them, through the process of digestion. It is interesting to see how the scientists work to curb the menace that they have themselves unleashed.


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The Thing features a number of parallel storylines, as it explores the issues being faced by a wide ensemble of teenagers at the high school. You can stream the film right away, to enjoy this captivating plot without having to wait any longer. The movie is directed by Joe Nussbaum, and features Aimee Teegarden in the pivotal role of the Class President, Nova. The stellar performance of this young actress is a major reason to download The Thing movie. She executes each scene with brilliance, and her performance emerges as the undisputed high-point of the movie!

The most exciting part of the movie is without any doubt, the ‘who'll ask who' dilemma. The relationships that we watch unfolding in The Thing movie make for a wholesome dose of drama. While some long-running relationships crumble down as the big night approaches, others develop out of nowhere; even if just to last for one night. We also watch some of the teens struggling with self-esteem issues, as they sulk over having no one to accompany them to the The Thing night. Watch The Thing online to see how each of them deals with these issues, and how they finally manage to make it past the dreadful for some, enthralling for others, night. to Watch The Thing Online Free Without Any Survey.

The movie gives us a glimpse into the drama-packed lives of teens, making us realize that high-school can be much tougher than most of us can ever imagine! Get a The Thing stream right away to step into this riveting world, which will leave you mesmerized by its realities.


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